Our Mission

Drawing from our maritime heritage in the heart of Louisiana, Vigilus masterfully navigates the dynamic seas of the tech industry. Our experienced crew is committed to delivering innovative solutions to overcome the challenges of an ever-evolving digital landscape.

We offer a range of services designed to help clients succeed in today's technology-driven world. Dive into our service pages below to discover how our core capabilities can empower your business.


Our Work

Our expertise spans a vast array of technological domains, ensuring your success is within reach. Our skilled team deftly steers your project through device-specific challenges while our creative visionaries design immersive experiences that captivate and engage users. In addition, our vigilant guardians protect your valuable assets from lurking threats in the online depths.

Discover the four pillars of our digital service offerings and set sail with us toward unparalleled success.



We crafted Centerline, a lighthouse guiding construction projects through treacherous waters. Our skilled crew, armed with cutting-edge technologies, built a robust, scalable platform. Centerline streamlines communication, auto-extracts vital information, and offers intuitive navigation, ensuring smooth sailing from project bidding to closeout, safely delivering clients to success.


Happy City

Happy City

Navigating treacherous data seas, we charted a tailor-made Power BI solution for Happy City. Like skilled navigators, we crafted interactive dashboards, steering them towards growth and success in the vast ocean of business intelligence with our expertise and commitment.



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